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Our organization lacks a strategic direction for the future.
Our organization needs help setting individual and departmental goals, and we need help developing a plan to reach those goals.
When it comes to setting goals, our organization lacks a process for measuring results.
Our organization is looking to achieve or increase market share.
We need a more cohesive, energized team.
We are looking to reduce employee turnover and improve employee satisfaction and morale.
We are looking for ways to better identify and utilize employee's individual skills and strengths.
We want to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
We need a keynote or session speaker for an annual or training event.
We need to get better at reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving innovations.
We need to become more flexible to better meet customers expectations and competitive pressure.
We need a character development curriculum for our youth.
We need to provide our leaders with a coach to help with their personal development.