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Beyond Customer Service: Creating Customers for Life

Increase top-line sales with a Customer Loyalty Strategy that will create points of connection so your customers experience an emotional connection with you and feel valued. A satisfied customer is good, but a loyal customer is great. Understand the value of a loyal customer and measure your customer loyalty score so you can track your effectiveness.
  • Why is Customer Loyalty important?
  • How do you measure Customer Loyalty?
  • What is the experience you want to create to maintain Customer Loyalty?
Share your stories and learn from both exceptional and lack-luster customer experiences.

Check back soon for dates, times and locations or Contact Laurie to learn more.

Sustainable Success Group Coaching

  • What would it be like to worry less about time?
  • Do you want to feel like you are making more progress?
  • Are you ready to create consistent continuous improvement?
Sustainable Success group coaching is a great opportunity for individuals who have an interest in professional development and have more time than money to connect with other professionals, develop skills to support their goals and a system of accountability to keep them on track. Includes:
  • Individual kick-off session to establish goal priorities
  • 10 Group coaching sessions (available weekly)
  • 2 Individual coaching sessions
  • Tailored development process with audio
  • Development of a personalized Action Plan
  • Flexibility to attend when you want
  • Ability to go at your own pace
  • Self evaluations to help identify areas YOU want improvement
  • Goal Achievement techniques
  • Time Analysis to ensure activities are in alignment with your priorities
  • And MUCH MORE!!!
Investment: $1275 or 4 monthly installments of $375.

Kick-off to be announced 1st Quarter in 2013. Check back soon for times and locations or contact Laurie to learn more.