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November 2010
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Dear Janeson,

On a scale of 1 - 10, what is your current satisfaction with the results you've attained so far this year?  If your answer is less than 8, consider this: What have you done different lately?  Repeating the same non-productive actions, can cause much frustration.  Pick 1 thing that you are going to do different this week.  Evaluate in 1 week and let me know your new result!
Understanding your own behavioral style, core attributes
and Achieve Success Logomotivators, will improve your interaction with
others and bring you greater satisfaction on the job.
Knowing this information about your employees will
help you to know that you have the right people in the
right seat on the bus.  Read more in the below article.

Wishing you Much Success!!!

Laurie Mrva
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How to Accurately Measure Talent

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In order to inform and support the success of both your selection and retention processes, you must accurately measure the talent of every candidate and employee in your organization. By accurately measuring talent, you are able to ensure that you successfully match the best talent to the job you hire them for. This way, company managers will be able to know the key factors which will enable them to successfully motivate, manage and develop the talents of each individual.

Moreover, accurate talent measurement also ensures that jobs are performed at superior levels. This is because teams are able to work much more effectively and profitably. Talent measurement will also enable each individual to understand their strengths and challenges, and therefore learn how to best adapt to the work environment.

Accurately measuring talent also ensures that talent is properly identified, developed, and allowed an opportunity to succeed on an ongoing basis.

In order to accurately measure talent, you need to conduct interviews which will truly reveal what you want to know about the particular candidate. For this you will first need to conduct tandem interviewing, as well as include arranged reference calls. Keeping in mind the saying that "the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior", be sure to also ask questions based on the past behavior of the candidate during the interview itself.

During selection, you need to have clarity on the job benchmark and what the position essentially requires. This will enable you to have a comprehensive picture of how the performance of the individual will compare to the job requirements. Such information will enable the recruiter to ensure that there is minimal bias during the selection process; that there is consensus within the company as to what the performance of the candidate will be measured against as they do their job, as well as ensuring that all expectations on the candidate are measured and they are not expected to be superman or superwoman.

In order to ensure that the individual will be able to meet all the benchmarks of the job, you need to measure the following 3 facets of talent:

- Behavior or the behavioral traits of the individual - This involves evaluating how the candidate does their job. In order to evaluate this, you need to factor in various aspects of their job requirements such as whether the job entails data analysis, frequent interaction with other people, as well as the levels of competitiveness that go with that particular position.  

- The individual's attributes or core skills - You need to understand what capacities the candidate will bring to the job. In order to find a perfect match, you will need to take into account whether the position requires a capacity for results orientation or accountability for others. 

- Motivators and rewards - For this you will need to understand what motivates the candidate, and why they do the job. You therefore need to know beforehand whether the job rewards a passion for ROI or whether it rewards a passion for knowledge. 

We have the tools necessary to accurately measure all of these areas for each candidate, employee, and the requirements of these for the job itself.

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~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected worldwide. All rights reserved.

Using Team Building to Boost Morale and Build Trust

When it comes to building trust and boosting morale, companies have been turning to team building as an immediate solution.

The team building concept has served as an umbrella term that covers an extensive assortment of exercises designed to boost productivity and morale simultaneously, often by concentrating on the people who don't particularly feel enthusiastic with their job, which in turn has an effect on their performance. Effective team building focuses on goals and outcomes more than on individuals that tend to be slacking in their jobs.

Profiling Team-Building Exercises in a Positive Light

Despite the allegations of critics with regards to the constrained and coerced nature of team building in terms of forming bonds and linking employees together, it still has a lot going for it. Events centered on team building are considered as some of the most multipurpose activities available that aren't only incorporated in the executive landscape; they're also found in almost every business field. When applied correctly, team building exercises are capable of improving the qualities of manpower, visual capabilities, analytical skills, work enjoyment, and overall company knowledge.

More to the point, team building is one of the best and most straightforward tools in a company's arsenal to build the trust and boost the morale of its workforce. It helps employees develop or improve specific traits like respect for colleagues, trust among fellow employees, listening skills, goal setting, communication adeptness, time management, and leadership abilities. The length of a team building event also depends on how long the company itself wants to invest on such activities. After all, a token effort is a wasted effort, while team-building overkill can also negatively impact your workers.

Assessing Different Morale-Boosting Team Building Activities

- Story narration: Each member of a group is given a picture, which is not revealed to the others. As each member's turn comes they have to unfold the picture and contribute to the creation of a story based on all the pictures held by the members of the group.

- Ropes Course: This team-building activity particularly needs a bit of planning on the manager's or supervisor's part, so if you're the boss of your employees' boss, you'll be teaching their immediate superior quite a bit about responsibility. As for the workers themselves, a ropes course is the perfect game for them to play when it comes to learning the values of trust, teamwork, and cooperation among the group, which is a lesson they could apply to the workplace as well.

- Geo-caching: Geocaching is a worldwide game of high-tech hide and seek. It uses clues and references to landmarks embedded in stories. This particular event can double as a vacation-of-sorts as well because it's quite involved and uses GPS units for added direction assistance. It's almost a guaranteed morale booster. It combines technological and natural elements in a mixed rural and urban environment, and it could also involve cycling, rowing, cross-country skiing, or short walks through the city or park. Be creative and see how you can adapt this concept in your business.

- Blindfold hunt: This can be executed as an indoor or outdoor activity. In this, various objects are scattered around and one participant is blindfolded while his/her partner guides him/her to the objects, verbally.

- Lowering the helium stick: a group is required to use their index fingers to lower the stick to the ground. It is rather tricky as the stick tends to rise rather than go down. It requires team work and strategic planning in order to achieve the goal.

~ Copyright protected worldwide. All rights reserved.

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Customer Satisfaction

An article in the Harvard Business Review July-August 2010 issue tells us why we should stop trying to delight our customers. In a study of more than 75,000 people, the Customer Contact Council found that loyalty is not built by delighting customers. Rather, loyalty is created by reducing the work customers must do to get their problem solved. 

So, if a company can act deliberately to make it easy to solve their customers' problems, they will improve customer service, reduce customer service costs and decrease customer churn.  Why don't you make this a topic of your next staff meeting and get ideas from the front line receivers of complaints as to how to smooth the process for your customers?

Do You Know Which of Your Employees are Entitled to Over time Pay?

In certain cases, based upon the employee's position and/or experience, an employee making up to and possibly over $100,000/year may be entitled to overtime!

Recently, the Fair Labor Standards Act was revamped, and it now provides increased threshold salary caps before the overtime exemption kicks in.

How to avoid a problem: To ensure that you know which employees are entitled to overtime, re-visit your employee policies, agreements and handbooks and familiarize yourself with the new requirements. Make any needed revisions in your policies to reflect the new requirements and avoid any challenges.

The information presented here should not be construed to be formal legal advice. Contact your attorney for legal advice.

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