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January 2011
Envision, Evolve, Achieve

Laurie Mrva

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a joyous and restful holiday season.  With that said, I hope you are also prepared and excited about what's to come in 2011.  What are your 3 biggest objectives to accomplish this year?

The focus that comes with writing down those 3 objectives and communicating them with others that are in a position to help you achieve them,
Achieve Success Logowill propel you around and over any obstacles that may arise
Remember the Olympic Hurdle Racer does not spend energy on the barriers, but is intent on crossing the finishing line and winning the gold prize.  What is your gold prize for 2011?
Please, contact me to let me know how any can help you attain your prize in 2011.

Wishing you Much Success!!!

Laurie Mrva
Achieve Success LLC

throughout the year. 
Leadership Traits And Development Of Your Best People

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When hiring the talented performers that will set your company apart from competitors, it is important to look for certain leadership traits that can be developed in ways that can strengthen your organization and make it a force to be reckoned with.  (Seek potential leaders who share your same goals for company development and mesh with your organization.) Choose those that will become admired leaders that the rest of your employees can look up to.

To begin, think of the etymology of the word, "leader".  A leader is one who inspires or guides others, so begin your search with this thought in mind. It is not complicated. The leaders shine. They have the potential to influence the path your organization takes down the road to success. Their personnel files are the first places to look for evidence of real leadership qualities.

Learn to position leaders within the hierarchy of your organization in positions that are high profile enough to make them more likely to win the hearts and minds of their fellow employees. Don't isolate them in offices behind closed doors. One-on-one interaction with their subordinates is imperative. This is a proven method that can lead to the kind of better efficiency that goes hand-in-hand with employee happiness and satisfaction.

Don't make the mistake of assuming your top company talent is flawless. There is always room for improvement everywhere along the ladder of success, even with your own position. Learn to identify the specific deficiencies in the skill sets of your leaders, the ones that are preventing your company from achieving the majority of its desired goals.  Work with them to overcome these obstacles. Offer continuing education seminars throughout the year and provide rewards and incentives for completing them. The true leader possesses an eagerness to do a job well and will be conducive to picking up new tools with which to perform their roles. People who possess real leadership traits will welcome constructive criticism and utilize their newfound improvements to further your company's development.

Most important of all, is to make certain that the key players in your company or organization have clear-cut understandings of your company goals and model. Their talent will not matter much if they are unwittingly headed in the wrong direction. It can be a fatal error not to openly share your plans for company development. After that, watch them take the ball and run with it.

Take a couple of minutes and think about someone you feel is a great leader of a company.

Now ask yourself:

1.   What are the top 3 characteristics or traits you admire most?

2.   Do you (or your people) possess these characteristics?

3.   What would happen to your company if everyone possessed some or all of these traits & characteristics?

4.   Should you start developing these qualities within your staff... today?

We can assist you in identifying and developing leadership within your company.  Contact us today!

~ Copyright protected worldwide. Written by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC


Retirement And The Lost Workforce  


This year, a large number of the baby boomers will be turning 60, a ripe age for retirement. This proves to be a challenge to organizations everywhere because of the financial implications of providing retirement benefits, losing experienced and highly trained employees and replacing the lost workforce.

A survey conducted by Challenger Gray & Christmas Inc. provides a different perspective. In the said survey, human resource executives were confident that companies will not need to worry about labor shortage because baby boomers are predicted to put off retirement. This is in conjunction with a Merrill Lynch retirement survey which found out that about 76% of baby boomers do not seek traditional retirement. They would rather take lessons and additional training so that they could shift to a line of work different from their current one.

If the aging workforce is going to stay, how should executives adjust?

Sometimes, executives label the older segment of the workforce as more reliable but also, more difficult. When changes need to be implemented, baby boomers generally are more often than not resistant because they have the prevailing idea that what worked then will also work in the future. This is not true. Many businesses have to do restructuring and remolding their mission, goals and strategies in order to keep up with the times. The key to convincing them to change is to practice good communication. Listen to them and get their feedback.

What can you do for them?

First, erase your assumptions. Do not just box older workers into the "aging" group without seeing their abilities and experience. Second, do not relegate them to the background. Treat them as your employees - with fairness and respect. Third, be clear about directives. Be detailed about plans and strategies because the older workers might be confused with new terminologies and models in the business. Third, retrain them, if their skills are lagging behind. Lastly, meet their needs. Older people need motivation to maintain and improve performance. They also need financial security. Make sure that they have medical insurance and financial coverage. Make necessary adjustments if they need flexible hours.

What can they do for you?

They can share their experience. They can also share their wisdom. Let them become mentors. Let them showcase what they have learned during their years in the company to new employees. Together with the leaders of the organization, they are the ones who truly know the values and the culture of the company.

Age connotes experience and wisdom. As the aging workforce stay in the company, make sure that the company is flexible enough to handle their current needs and their needs once they indeed leave the company.

~ This information is not be construed as financial or legal advice. Consult your advisors. Copyright protected worldwide. Author Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. All rights reserved.

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10 Ways To Have Your Best Year Ever! 


We often think of New Year's as the time to start fresh and make those famous resolutions.  But anytime is the right time to take control of our lives, to choose how we will live.  Real success in life is about balance, about choosing priorities, and then following a plan to focus on the things that are most important to us.  The following suggestions can help.

1.  Take time to decide what you really want this year.  What would make it a great year, a fantastic year for you?  Dream and scheme, and then dream bigger!  And write it down, just for the fun of it.

2.  Mark one day each month, just for you.  Use ink, not pencil, and schedule an appointment with yourself for one full day each month.  Have fun and renew yourself, just for the joy of it.

3.  Take more vacation than you had planned.  Look at the calendar and write in a couple extra weeks off!  Do things you enjoy, but mostly relax.  Go camping, rent a cabin at the beach, and visit old friends. 

4.  Commit to a project you've dreamed of but haven't done.  This is not a "should" or a "have to", this is one of those, "I've always wanted to but never did" projects. 

5.  Buy four books you've always wanted to read, and schedule time for them.  Put it in your appointment calendar as "continuing education" or "research", and enjoy!

6.  Start a special savings account to prepare for something huge! 

7.  Renew relationships with family and friends.  Every week, send a note or make a call, and re-connect with the people who have helped you along the way.

8.  Every day, tell someone you appreciate them, that you are grateful for their help.  Practice the attitude of gratitude!

9.  Raise your sites and increase your goals.  Whatever you hope to accomplish in the next year, double it and commit to making it happen!  

10.  Be kind to yourself and those around you.  Be gentle, practice patience, expect the best and settle for nothing less.

~ Submitted by Dr. Philip E. Humbert Reprinted with permission