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February 2011
Envision, Evolve, Achieve

Laurie Mrva

Are you still focused on your BHAG for 2011?  (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) Or has life already happened and sent you on a detour.  Working with a coach increasess your chances of staying focussed and achieving your goals.  Learn more about how developing a relationship with a coach may help you and your organzation in the article below.  
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Please, contact me to let me know how any can help you attain your BHAG in 2011. 
Wishing you Much Success!!!

Laurie Mrva
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Coaching Top Talent For Successful Growth

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An organization's top talent holds the greatest promise to facilitate accelerated growth for that company. This group of employees consists of promising individuals who have career experience that stands out in their abilities, talents and commitment. Among them are the managers who have the advantage of broad experience and are being groomed for senior leadership roles. Corporate coaching can be valuable in helping these individuals unleash their potential and take their abilities to new levels.

Contrary to popular belief, corporate coaches are not just glorified business consultants.  Though sometimes mistaken as psychotherapists, the corporate coach does not perform therapy.  Instead, he or she specializes in helping organizations improve their top talent's managerial performances in a manner that is customized to suit that individual's specific skill set.

They are called coaches because they coach an organization's top talent similarly as a sports coach would help a star athlete. They help them stay on track and to maximize their full potential. Coaches dip into a corporate talent pool and emerge having taught these individuals to dramatically sharpen their natural talents and abilities.

It is the coach's job to help top talent create new foundations for their work by encouraging them to unleash their potential and discover their best critical skills. They spend time insuring that the employee fully understands where his or her real talent lies and they help them develop additional skills that further increase the potential for organizational growth.

The coaching process focuses on the employee's personal strengths and weaknesses and draws a clear-cut picture of those traits so that the employee knows exactly what needs to be done to meet his or her goals and the company's objectives. Coaches guide employees toward being better managers and assist them in developing collaborative skills that will propel their company's growth forward at a steady pace.

Coaches encourage their trainees to find their own voices as managers and to optimize every task as a matter of course.  They cause employees to be able to harness the impetus to make successful transitions from one area to the next.  A corporate coach can teach a managerial hopeful how to be a confident leader with strongly defined strategies to replace ineffective job behaviors with highly effective behaviors.  They teach strategic planning and teamwork, they increase the self-confidence of the employee, and help them develop effective communication skills.

In the end, the corporate coach becomes the driver for defining an organization's core business culture, and through its top talent, makes it grow.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this article, and / or about how we can help you with your current talent development, training, or hiring needs, contact us today!

~ Written specifically for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected worldwide. All rights reserved.


The Spirit Of Leadership

      Do you have it?  How do you know?   

You quite possibly have the competitive advantage within your people / staff to drive your company to the next level. Leadership and the spirit of leadership may exist within your company, but how do you take advantage of and / or inspire your people to recognize, utilize, learn, and develop into incredible leaders?

It starts with you! If you are not a great leader it is hard to inspire leadership within others. If you are a great leader... what is it that makes you the leader that everyone wants to follow?

If you think about the traits of a great leader, you will quickly notice that all (or most) of the traits are learned and developed.

Leadership characteristics like:

Being a good communicator, creativity, sincerity, leading by example, good decision making skills, listens to others objectively, being open minded, having a positive attitude, hiring the right people, providing direction, focus, commitment, and determination are all skills, traits, & characteristics that can be developed.

There are other characteristics that are important too... this is just a small list of some important traits.

Think about someone you hold as an excellent leader. Think about how this person relates to others, the specific skills, behaviors, traits, & characteristics that they possess.

Now write down all the characteristics that you find admirable. Do you possess all of the same characteristics? Of the ones that you don't possess, are they learned & developed?

Does this give you an action plan for self-development? Could you use this exercise for developing leadership within your company?

Your role as a leader is to provide the vision, direction, goals, values, framework, resources, and long term direction for your company. It is also to inspire & motivate others to give their best. A great place to start is by getting your entire staff into the spirit of leadership so they too can help your company be successful.

Having well organized methods to help you develop yourself and your people into great leaders, and utilizing mentors & coaches to keep you focused is a method of success.

Start today!

~ Copyright protected worldwide. G. Sorrell

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Laurie helps organizations and professionals make positive changes to achieve their goals.  Achieve Success offers customized solutions to your business challenges including strategic planning, leadership development and employee assessment tools to assist with hiring, promoting and developing key skills to enhance success.   

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Seven Steps For Creating A Culture Of Commitment And Accountability 


1) Communicate to everyone that accountability and commitment are important!

2) Align every job description to your company's strategy and goals for the coming year. Ask everyone to commit to a shared vision of results.

3) Make accountabilities clear for everyone by using the benchmark for their job to start a discussion about how their individual contributions matter.

4) When you onboard new employees, have job-related professional development planning already in place to help them reach their full potential.

5) Build accountability into your company culture using "what & by when" goal and task planning. Project management can be very sophisticated, but the bottom line is "who, what, and by when?"

6) Offer ways for employees to communicate obstacles and request the help or resources they need to achieve their goals. When you listen to them, recognize that what you're listening to is someone who is committed to producing results.

7) "Catch" people doing something right: Give frequent, honest and positive feedback. As a general rule of thumb, a ratio of five positive interactions to one critical interaction will help managers build an open communication channel with direct reports.

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