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September 2011
Envision, Evolve, Achieve

Laurie Mrva

Have you gotten back into the swing of school and post-summer work?  It's amazing how different our mindset is in the summer months.

Refocussing and getting your employees to regain the right attitude can be challenging.  What are you doing to re-engage after the "Dog Days of Summer"? 
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Relook at your goals for the year; tweak if necessary; and determine the best action for you to take.  Let me know how I can help you to make the most of the balance of 2011. 


Wishing you Much Success!!!

Laurie Mrva
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How To Attract Top Talent To Your Company

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In today's competitive job market, where top talent determines the course of a company's success, it is wise to use inventive recruitment techniques to attract the brightest and the best. 

Social media is in the contemporary forefront for attracting talented individuals to your company.  A well-placed twitter or LinkedIn post listing your company's benefits and requirements can bring surprisingly positive results.  Not only that, but it costs your organization nothing to advertise for positions using this method.  The key is to post notices that stand out and draw attention to the unique qualities of your business.  Rename the job title to sound more attractive.  A poorly written social media ad can actually scare candidates away.

Industry's associations are also excellent places to look as they can hold entire pools of labor that have the same leadership characteristics. An untold number of talented job recruits are passive job seekers who find their positions through referral by another person in the same industry.

Networking events give small businesses the chance to get higher visibility in their industries and they afford the possibility of identifying potential employees. They also allow businesses to stay in touch with and remain fresh on the minds of their contacts and relationships.

"The interview process itself is one of the most important steps in attracting top talent."

In the interview, the potential employee can show you what he or she can do, and it's also the perfect opportunity for the company's benefits to go on display. You can expose your company's competitive edge to the recruit.

People who represent your company in the hiring process must become convincing ambassadors for your company.  The bottom line is that when the talented job candidate reviews all of his offers, it is important that your job offer stand out among the rest.

By offering attractive monetary incentives, companies can attract talented workers.  However, non-monetary incentives are also important. Things such as company get-togethers can give the candidate a satisfying sense of unity and connectedness.  However, offering equity shares of the company can accomplish this as well. If the economic crisis prevents a particular organization from offering competitive salary rates, the equity route can be an impressive way to compensate.

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~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected worldwide

Coaching With A Clearly Defined Purpose

Coaching has become a widely accepted business practice in the pursuit of offering positive advice, support, and feedback to whole groups or individuals in order for them to understand the many ways in which they can enhance or improve the overall efficiency and success of their company. Coaching is a wonderful method that you can use in order to acquire a certain work ethic or result that will boost sales, strategies, goal setting, communication, teamwork, employee accountability, leadership, and more. Coaching can be provided in an assortment of ways, which includes large-scale organizational work, group coaching sessions, and one-on-one coaching.

Whenever a company decides to utilize coaching for its staff and crew, it's important for executives and professional coaches to coach with a clearly defined purpose. Coaching sessions that bear vague outcomes & self-improvement messages are a waste of time and money because the overall purpose is unclear.

This type of coaching session is no more useful than a cheap motivational poster you could buy from a nearby bookstore. (Nothing wrong with those posters they just don't get you the desired outcomes.) You need to know what you're aiming to achieve before you can coach your employees properly.

Profiling the Different Purposeful Coaching Types

Many companies are availing of the practice of the 360-degree consultation before instilling the coaching methodology.

This allows workers to use their own professional or life experiences in a beneficial manner to produce cooperative attitudes even with superiors. Every time a firm is viewed to be performing poorly, a professional business coach is usually employed to improve outcomes. However, these specialists could also be utilized when a business is successful. Coaches usually specialize in a variety of areas such as leadership coaching, corporate coaching, and executive coaching.

An employer or manager can also coach his staff by himself while opting to hire a business coach to handle organization-level coaching. In terms of hiring a coach for corporate coaching, it's best for business professionals-whether it's the employer or his employees-to share their woes with someone they trust. A coach who knows what he's doing will more likely help you revolutionize your company and set new and exciting proposals in motion. An effective coach is someone who's willing to build bridges of trust between himself and his client.

An Assessment of Purposeful Employer Coaching

Whenever you're required to coach your employees, it's advisable for you to mention specific instances when they have performed well in their job in order to boost their morale and increase their motivation. A great coach would never say, "You're usually doing an excellent job!" to their workers. Recent, specific praise is important. In contrast, you need to mention problems without any editorializing in order to get straight to the heart of the matter. Keep discussions civil and professional in manner while keeping feelings out of the coaching session and focus on actions / results.

You need to state the problem and then offer constructive ways to prevent it from happening again.

What's more, you should practice what you preach: set a good example for your employees to follow in order for them to put more stock in what you're saying.t

~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected worldwide.

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Exceptional Leaders know that losing critical employees can be a significant blow to an organization. Moreover, in today's robust economy, companies are more vulnerable to turnover. Ambitious people need to feel that they are valued. They need to be challenged, appreciated, rewarded and respected. Exceptional Leaders ensure these needs are met. Most resignations come from dissatisfaction with the boss, the culture, the job, career progress, or, on occasion, inequitable compensation.

Exceptional leaders are alert to sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction among their employees. They take the necessary initiatives to make changes when needed and continually "market" the value of working for the organization.

Thought Provoker

- Do you continuously promote your "employment brand' both internally and externally, emphasizing the value of being a part of your organization?

- Are you aware of the dynamics of the current the job market and the potential for your people to be recruited by competitors for their skills?

- Are you close to your employees to know what is really going on with them in terms of their job satisfaction?

- Do you have a feedback system in place such as an employee satisfaction surveys?

- Do your managers treat employees with respect?

- Does your culture foster a sense of belonging and opportunity?

Exceptional Leaders create employment loyalty by providing a great place to work.

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