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December 2011
Envision, Evolve, Achieve

Laurie Mrva

Only 12 days, 11 hours and counting until we ring in the New Year.  What successes will you be celebrating?  It's a great time to draw a line in the sand, begin 2012 with a fresh perspective and new goals. 
Have you identified your 1 big objective for 2012 and communicated it to those that will help you make it happen?  Let me know how I can support you in accomplishing this objective.
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Remember that success is about the journey and small successes every day to move you closer to the vision you have for your life and your business.  Enjoy it!  Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 


Wishing you Much Success!!!
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Laurie Mrva
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What Are The Challenges To Managing Top Talent?

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As we close out this year and begin the next, the economy has left us wondering what the future will hold for our business, leaders, & strategies. Despite the perception that the global economy woes would increase the talent supply, it still remains a leading challenge facing all corporations globally. As a matter of fact, attracting, developing, & maintaining top talent is the number one issue facing companies of all sizes globally.

Talent is no doubt critical to business success. Every organization aims to grow its talent in addition to widening the knowledge base of its employees. However, with increased competition and every organization racing to secure the best talent, management of this talent is likely to become even more challenging this year.

Top talent management challenges / trends include:


       Development And Retention Of Talents

       Stakeholder Involvement

       Regular Communication

       Creating A Robust Leadership Pipeline

       Strategies & Human Resources

1.     Outsourcing - With the continued rise of online job platforms and market place, no doubt outsourcing is likely to take another step. More companies are likely to employ via an online platform which brings together talents and opportunities. This will reduce the costs that organizations incur in attempting to attract and retain talents. Outsourcing offers a platform upon which, organizations can access the best talent, exactly when they need them.

2.     Development and retention of talents - Organizations will also focus on developing and retaining talent. Technology plays a vital role in ensuring that talents are developed and retained. Technology is likely to cover all aspects including assessing, identifying strengths & weaknesses, and training. Keep each person engaged and on a goal directed path to ensure success.

3.     Stakeholder involvement - Organizations are likely to bring all stakeholders on board. Involving organization stakeholders and employees in decisions making processes, can help employees gain confidence and exercise their talents for the betterment of the company. This is crucial as it helps the organization positively gain from its employee talent pool and puts them to use within the organization. It ensures that the talent within the organization is nurtured before going out to seek new talent.

4.     Regular communication - Communication is fundamental to solving challenges emerging in talent management. Technology will most likely play a bigger part in this communication. Utilize every aspect in order to keep everyone updated on the company goals, progress, changes, etc. Open communication helps employees freely communicate their progress and contribute in the talent management plans. It ensures that the best of the employee is brought out and that company success is everyone's job.

5.     Creating a robust pipeline of leadership - Technology is likely to help in the creation of a pool of robust future leadership by enabling identification of leaders as they grow. Keeping track of employee training, skills, traits, competencies, motivators, behaviors, & values will help identify potential within your company. This will allow smooth leadership transitions, ensuring that the best talents within the organization are considered before searching for leadership externally.

6.     Strategies & Human Resources - Human Resources Departments have become increasingly vital to success. HR must understand the overall strategy & goals of the company and be able to communicate the staffing / talent needs, skills, knowledge, & performance to all levels of the company. By doing so, managing talent to align their goals & progress with this strategy will help the company keep employees engaged, focused, and productive.

There is no doubt that other challenges will arise as we embark on the New Year. Keeping these ideas in mind and putting together a goal oriented action plan will help you stay ahead of the top talent management challenges. t

~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected worldwide. All rights reserved

Investing In Others As A Mentor

Are you ready, willing and able to mentor others? Are you emotionally and psychologically prepared to invest time and effort in helping another person? Do you have the time, skills and freedom to devote yourself to another person? If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, and you are ready to make a commitment, you may be ready to begin mentoring others. Achieve Success Logo

To mentor is to change a life, if only in small ways. It can be applied to a variety of people, situations and purposes. Mentoring can range from an impromptu, off-the-cuff intervention, to an intense long-term relationship.

More and more businesses and government organizations use mentoring as a tool for organizational growth and development, not just for career development. Mentoring is quickly becoming a valuable tool in preparing an organization for competitive challenges and succession planning.

However, be aware that taking on a formal mentoring assignment may mean occasional inconveniences and less time for other duties. And, mentoring that causes you significant stress or loss in other areas of your life, should be weighed carefully before you make a commitment. Yet, if you are ready, the personal satisfaction may be well worth your time and effort.

If you have never been a mentor before but feel you are in a unique position and ready to become one, seek out people and resources to help you prepare for your new role. As a mentor, you should be adding value to a person, enriching their quality of life and, expanding their life purpose and capabilities. As a mentor, you need to believe in the value of your work without worrying about returned favors. If you have, or can develop, a freely giving nature, you will likely mentor all through your life - probably without thinking much about it. t

~ Copyright protected worldwide.Cherie Guilford, CMR Services Group, Inc.

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EXCEPTIONAL LEADERS... Don't Rest On Their Laurels


In today's fast past business world, the expression "what have you done for me lately?" is even more of an imperative. Leaders have high expectations of employees and organizations have high expectations of leaders.

It is fine to take pride in past accomplishments. This does not mean however, that it is a reason for current entitlement. Leaders must produce in the present and focus on the future, not past glories.

Even in retirement, high profile executives, such as Lee Iacocca and Jack Welsh, are still in the game of writing best selling books and consulting rather than focusing on the past.

Thought Provoker

- To what degree do you focus on past glories?


- Is there anyone in your organization who is "resting on their laurels"?


- Do current stakeholders, including your boss, really care about what you accomplished 5 years ago or 20 years ago?

- Are you keeping up with current trends, new technology and ways of thinking?


- Do you criticize others because that is not the way it was done in the past?


- What adjustments do you need to make for you to continue to be a highly valued asset to your organization?


Exceptional Leaders take satisfaction from their past accomplishments and keep in the game creating value for the present and the future.t 

Copyright protected by author Bruce M. Anderson. Reprinted with permission. Thinking Partners


"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction."

~ John Crosby